Entry Requirements

According to the “Immigration Act” of the Republic of Korea, any foreigner who plans to enter Korea must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Valid passport: expiry date and authenticity of the document are always verified
  • Valid visa: the date of entry must be before the expiry date of the visa
  • Coherence between the purpose of the visa and the entry purpose
  • Not subject to any other entry restrictions as defined in the “Immigration Act”

Foreigners may enter without a visa if he / she:

  • Enters before the expiry date of the re-entry permit
  • Has been exempted from the re-entry permit
  • Is a citizen of a country granted a visa exemption
  • Has been specially approved by the Presidential Decree and enters Korea to contribute to international relations, national interests and / or tourism
  • Has been issued a refugee travel document and enters Korea before its expiry date


Every foreigner has the responsibility to verify that the personal information included on the visa is correct.

When planning to travel to Korea, a foreigner must make sure the dates of the visa are still valid.

  1. No. of Visa: visa serial number
  2. Status: type of activities allowed during the sojourn in Korea
  3. Period of Sojourn: permitted duration of stay in Korea
  4. Entries: number of entries in Korea permitted before the expiration of your visa
  5. Issue Date: date of issuance of the visa
  6. Final Entry Date: expiration date of the visa
  7. Issued at: place of visa issuance 

Arrival Card

Upon arriving in the Republic of Korea and before entering customs, every foreigner must complete an “Arrival Card – Form no. 41-2” and provide this to immigration officers along with his / her passport. 

Please see below for an example of an “Arrival Card”: