• Can I fill my Visa Application Form in a language other than Korean or English?

No. Only Visa Application Forms in Korean or English will be accepted.


  • I applied for a Korean visa in the past. Do I need to provide all my documentation again?

Yes. Every time you apply for a visa to Korea, you must submit all documents required for your visa type.


  • If my visa is denied, can I be refunded the fees I paid?

No. According to Korean regulations, neither visa fees or service fees can be returned once an application is submitted.


  • Can I submit my visa application directly at the local Embassy of the Republic of Korea?

No. All applications, regardless of visa type, must apply through an authorized agency or the Korea Visa Application Center, with the exception of Diplomats (A-1) and Foreign Government Officials (A-2). Please read through this website to identify the appropriate visa and method of submission.


  • When should I submit my visa application?

The processing time varies depending on visa type, complexity of application, and seasonal demand. The Republic of Korea allows applicants to submit their visa documents up to 90 days before the planned departure date. It is highly recommended to submit the documentation well in advance of the planned departure date.


  • I have been issued a visa by the Korean Embassy. Do I only need to show my passport and visa when traveling?

No. Please remember that a visa does not automatically give you the right to enter the territory of Korea. You may be asked to show border authoritiesany document that proves the purpose and duration of your stay, as well as your ability to financially sustain yourself.


  • Can the Korean Embassy ask for additional documents or for an interview when reviewing my visa application?

Yes. The Korean Embassy may ask for additional documents or an interview at any point when reviewing your visa application. If this is the case, you will be contacted by the authorized agency or the Visa Application Center.


  • What is Korea Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA)?

Korea Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA) is implemented as of 1 September 2021 and applied to the nationals of 112 countries/regions who are eligible for visa-free entry to the Republic of Korea. The Mongolian nationals are not applicable. If you are not a Mongolian national, please click here to check the Frequently Asked Questions and the K-ETA website.