The International Organization for Migration (IOM) strives to comply with the highest quality standards. Feedback constitutes an essential component in monitoring and evaluating the projects run by the Organization. 

Positive Feedback, Complaints, and Suggestions

IOM specialists review all feedback and seek to resolve all issues with the respective party(-ies), following established processes to ensure the highest levels of transparency and effectiveness.

Positive Feedback: Positive feedback is reviewed by IOM’s Quality and Integrity team and communicated to the appropriate parties. This feedback is included in staff’s annual evaluations. 

Complaints: Complaints are taken very seriously. As soon as a complaint is received, an automatic reply will be triggered to confirm receipt, while the issue is investigated by IOM’s Quality and Integrity team. IOM will seek to resolve all issues and contact the appropriate party(-ies). If you do not believe a complaint has been handled in a satisfactory manner, you have the right to escalate this in writing directly to IOM’s Quality and Integrity Manager. 

Suggestions: Suggestions will be carefully considered and shared with the IOM leadership. 

You may also provide feedback in person at the Visa Application Center. 

The above channels are for positive feedback, complaints, and suggestions only. For general information or assistance with your visa application, please contact the Visa Application Center contact-center: