Once you have decided where to apply and prepared all your documents, you are ready to submit your application. Remember to bring all the required documents in original and in copy. 

You will be requested to pay the visa fees and the service fees upon application submission, so please bring the appropriate amount and / or your debit or credit card (please visit the Visa and Service Fees page for additional details).

Staff will verify that you have all the required documents and notify you in case of missing or non-compliant documentation. To expedite the process, please sort the documents in the order of the appropriate checklist.

Note: While authorized agencies and the Korea Visa Application Center will submit incomplete applications if insisted by the applicant, the Korean Embassy will likely request your application be supplemented with the additional documentation, affecting processing time and decision-making.


The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ulaanbaatar has expressed concerns about the increasing number of fraudulent agencies or visa brokers. Visa applicants should exercise caution and verify that an agency has been authorized by the Embassy if choosing to submit an application via an agency. 

Please refer exclusively to the authorized visa application agencies listed on the Embassy website.