The Republic of Korea has over 150 different visa types for Mongolian nationals. Your visa type depends on the purpose of your visit to Korea. Please make sure to follow the correct checklist when preparing your documents.


Once you have determined the appropriate visa type, download the relevant checklist and prepare the supporting documentation. 


The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ulaanbaatar verifies every application in detail. Inconsistencies and/or incoherence between the purpose of travel and the visa requested or failing to declare the true purpose of the visit, may result in a visa application being denied.


If you have any questions or require assistance while preparing your documentation, please contact our contact-center at (+976) 7766-8888 or 



The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ulaanbaatar has expressed concerns regarding an increasing number of fraudulent or forged documents visa application documents. All applications will be reviewed and verified by an authorized agency (if applicable), the Korea Visa Application Center, and the Korean Embassy.


The Embassy, agencies, and the Korea Visa Application Center are required to verify:

  • Purpose of the trip
  • Willingness to return
  • Financial means to stay in Korea and return to home country

Any other relevant information as deemed necessary by the Embassy (social security, tax certificates, inviter’s information, employer’s information, etc.)